Blasphemy Day - September 30
Fri, Sep 30, 2022

Blasphemy Day

Blasphemy Day draws attention to the terrible reality in which almost 70 countries in the world are forced to live. We are talking about the death penalty for blasphemy. It turns out there is such a law in 69 states. Every person who makes speeches that insult religion is subjected to brutal reprisals. Blasphemy Day was established by the Center for Investigation to draw public attention to such cruel laws.


In 2005, a Danish newspaper published a dozen cartoons of the founder of Islam, Mohammed. This story gained wide publicity, followed by a trial, as a result, representatives of the Middle East began a movement against the Danish government, which ended in the death of more than 100 people. Against the backdrop of terrible events in the world, disputes about religious intolerance and freedom of speech spread. Later, the head of the Center for Investigation founded Blasphemy Day to commemorate the publication in this way and to secure the right to freedom of speech in the world.

Interesting Facts

  • In Afghanistan, blasphemy is punishable by hanging; the creators of this law referred to Sharia norms.
  • In Pakistan, desecration of a shrine can lead to a prison sentence.
  • Iran bans criticism of Islamic government, perpetrators face the death penalty
  • In Jordan, disrespectful attitude towards any of the prophets is punishable by a prison term of 3 years.
  • In Qatar, a person can be sentenced for up to 7 years for blasphemy.

How to take part

Tell people about the terrible statistics – the number of victims who suffered for blasphemy. As a sign of support for freedom of speech, create a blog on social networks where you talk about thoughts, feelings, and openly communicate with people on any topic.

When is Blasphemy Day in 2022?

Blasphemy Day is observed on September 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 30 2022
Saturday September 30 2023
Monday September 30 2024
Tuesday September 30 2025
Wednesday September 30 2026

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