Big Wind Day - April 12
Fri, Apr 12, 2024

Big Wind Day

Big Wind Day is an American holiday dedicated to the strong winds that often affect different states. A natural disaster does not necessarily have to take the form of a hurricane, storm, or anything else. Strong enough winds on their own can cause damage and become a real problem. It is celebrated annually on April 12.


The history of Big Wind Day is not known. It was probably first celebrated in 1984, when observers who had worked here 30 years earlier gathered at Mount Washington Observatory to celebrate a very significant event: the strongest gust of wind ever recorded here on April 12, 1934. Its speed was 231 miles per hour.

A similar velocity of air masses was recorded on Mount Washington, because, as we know, it is stronger in mountainous terrain. This is due to the absence of obstacles, the flow of almost nothing interferes with the flow. The wind speed record set by the observatory remained unsurpassed for decades, until in 1996, when a typhoon struck Australia, the wind gusts of which reached 256 miles per hour. However, with respect to the U.S., the speed of the strongest wind in 1934 still maintains its leading position.

Interesting facts

  • In Beijing, in strong winds, the sky can take on a yellow-green hue due to a sandstorm from the Gobi Desert.
  • Mount Washington’s elevation is 6,288 feet.
  • The wind has a single direction under all conditions: from the high pressure zone to the low pressure zone.

How to celebrate

Examine the weather forecasts for your region. What is the average wind speed for a particular month or year?

Tell about the holiday on social media. Ask users if they’ve ever experienced strong winds. Let them tell their story.

When is Big Wind Day Celebrated in 2024?

Big Wind Day is associated with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on April the 12th each year.


Friday April 12 2024
Saturday April 12 2025
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