Bhai Dooj - November 16
Wed, Nov 16, 2022

Bhai Dooj

Family holiday Bhai Dooj is dedicated to brothers and sisters. On this day, relatives unite to pray for the life of loved ones. In 2022, the celebration falls on November 16th.


Bhai means “brother” in Indian, and Duj ​​means “second day after the full moon.” The holiday came from sacred sources, which told the unusual story of two twins. The scriptures speak of the family of the Sun God, who had two children – a boy and a girl. The wife of God left the family, later a stepmother came to raise the children, but she did not show love for the children. Events were tragic, the children were separated. Despite the separation, the connection between them remained, and a few years later the brother and sister met – this meeting became a holiday among the modern inhabitants of India.

Since then, every year in India it is customary to celebrate the day of brothers and sisters. They pray for each other, ask God for well-being and a long happy life. First of all, the holiday reflects the veneration of a loved one, respect, love and continuous connection.

Interesting facts

Curious moments:

  • Women without brothers worship the God of the Moon.
  • Brothers and sisters put a sacred tika (red dot) on each other’s foreheads.
  • The sisters prepare treats, and take gifts.
  • The ceremony is attended by children over 5 years old.

How to celebrate

Bhai Dooj consists of many rituals. Women set a magnificent table with sweets and delicious food, brothers prepare memorable gifts as a token of love.

The festival is colorful and fun, on this day it is forbidden to indulge in sadness and longing. Despite the fact that the main characters are brothers and sisters, the whole family, consisting of several generations, is invited to the table. Families from different regions come to a single house to thank each other, express love and pray for well-being.

When is Bhai Dooj celebrated in 2022?

Bhai Dooj is observed on November 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 16 2022
Thursday November 16 2023
Saturday November 16 2024
Sunday November 16 2025
Monday November 16 2026

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