Best Friends Day - June 8
Sat, Jun 8, 2024

Best Friends Day

People surround us, and among them, there are those with whom we share common interests and strong bonds. Best Friends Day is on June 8, celebrating the devotion and close connection of our best friends. Friends help in difficult situations when our personal life, relationships with our parents, or career ambitions are collapsing. They give advice and encourage us with their presence.


Imbued with warmth, this holiday appeared in 1935 after approval from the US Congress. A summer’s day was chosen, as it would be possible to celebrate in nature. When the event lost its popularity, social networks revived interest in it, providing opportunities to congratulate friends in original, unexpected, and cute ways.

Interesting Facts

20% of Americans consider their dog their best friend, 10% their cat.

  1. Those who become our best friends are often people we meet in childhood. At a young age, strong friendships are born, persisting into adulthood.
  2. After the age of 40, it is difficult to make friends because of the large amount of emotional baggage, demands, prejudices, complexes, and selfish aspirations.
  3. Friendship helps you avoid stressful situations, and regular communication with a pleasant person strengthens immunity.

True friendship withstands tests of moving, quarrels, weddings, illnesses, sorrows, and joys. Amen!

How to Take Part

Throw a party. Gather a large or small company and have a great time.

Give gifts. Nice little things, souvenirs, T-shirts with funny pictures, or a cardboard figure of a favorite actor will please a friend. Other options include tickets to attend a concert together or any other event you both might enjoy!

Thank your friends for being around. Remember, your best friend may be your mom, dad, girlfriend, boyfriend, or pet. Social roles are different; the feeling of a deep, indissoluble connection remains the same. Take care and appreciate your friends!

When is Best Friends Day celebrated in 2024?

Best Friends Day is observed on June 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 8 2024
Sunday June 8 2025
Monday June 8 2026
Tuesday June 8 2027
Thursday June 8 2028
Friday June 8 2029

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