Baby Boomers Recognition Day - August 17
Sat, Aug 17, 2024

Baby Boomers Recognition Day

Baby Boomers Recognition Day is held annually on August 17th to remind a generation of their awesomeness! They were all born after World War II from 1946 to 1964. In the first year of the period, more than three million babies were born, which was a record birth rate in the United States.

The History

Initially, the holiday was held in June, but was later moved to August, as it overlapped with others. The US boomers agreed and confirmed the new date. It was first celebrated in 2011. The idea was proposed by popular bloggers to support the already elderly, but also active people from the boomer era.

After the war, there was an economic boom in the country; people returned to normal life and sought to create a family; because of this, the birth rate rose.

Baby Boomers witnessed many events; their life was interesting and eventful. They participated in various cultural movements, learned everything new, had excellent taste, and changed social aspects for the better.

Interesting facts

Did you know that the boomer generation:

  • witnessed the moon landing;
  • first played with world-famous Barbie dolls;
  • enjoyed the music we listen to, to this day;
  • lived through the assassination of US president John F. Kennedy and Bobby Kennedy;
  • went to the first large-scale event dedicated to music, that took place over three days, with about 400 thousand visitors;
  • one of the first boomers was born in January 1946;
  • the largest number of Baby Boomers are in California?

How to take part

On Baby Boomers Recognition Day, congratulate people born in this era and ask them to tell stories about their youth. Share stories with others so that the memory of this time does not die!

When is Baby Boomers Recognition Day celebrated in 2024?

Baby Boomers Recognition Day is observed on August 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday August 17 2024
Sunday August 17 2025
Monday August 17 2026

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