Assumption of Mary - August 15
Thu, Aug 15, 2024

Assumption of Mary

The Assumption of Mary is a Christian holiday that commemorates the death of Mary and her departure to heaven. There are many paintings associated with this event. The day is considered the divine birth of Mary.

The History

This holiday goes back to the distant past – there are some references to it in the 4th century. Officially, it was first celebrated in the Eastern churches, then spread to the entire Christian world.

According to legend, Mary often came to pray at the Holy Sepulcher. On one of those days, the Archangel Gabriel descended to her and announced that in 3 days she would make the transition from this world.

Assumption of Mary Celebrated reminds people that there is a place in heaven for every believer.

Interesting facts

In 1950, Pope Pius VII declared the Assumption of Mary an approved position of Church dogma. Disagreement with dogma is a departure from faith.

Christians associate Mary with blue, as this shade symbolizes clarity and truth, and is also the color of the sky.

In some cultures, people throw coins out of the window; this gesture is considered a symbol of prosperity.

The word “assumption” came from the Church Slavonic language, it means immersion in sleep; that is, a calm transition from the earthly world to the heavenly one.

On this day you cannot swear, curse, or offend people.

How to take part

In different countries, the holiday is celebrated in its own way:

  • In the USA and Italy, the streets are decorated with various colors, and the sky is lit up with colorful fireworks;
  • A solemn worship procession takes place in Rome;
  • In Andorra people spend the day praying for Mary;
  • In Guatemala they give each other gifts and arrange family evenings;
  • Brass bands perform in Portugal;
  • Grapes are blessed in Armenia.

The Christian community around the world holds rituals and honors traditions, and the date itself is a day of love and harmony.

When is Assumption of Mary Celebrated in 2024?

Assumption of Mary is devoted to celebrating cheerfulness and fun. It happens annually on August the 15th.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 15 2024
Friday August 15 2025
Saturday August 15 2026

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