Appreciate a Dragon Day - January 25
Tue, Jan 16, 2024

Appreciate a Dragon Day

Appreciate a Dragon Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to dragons. Celebrated on January 16th. Each of us imagines the image of a dragon: a large creature covered with scales (many take the lizard or snake as a basis), capable of spewing flames from its mouth. The dragon is a traditional mythological creature in many Asian countries.


Today, throughout the world, the dragon has great social and cultural significance. The image of this creature can often be found in various films and literature. The very word “dragon” has Latin roots. It comes from the term “draconem”. It can be deciphered as “a huge snake.”

Images of dragons can be found in historical sources that have come down to us from the ancient times of Rome and Egypt. A huge amount of information can be obtained by paying attention to the study of the history of India, China and Japan.

The origin of Appreciate a Dragon Day is associated with the name of science fiction writer Donita Katherine Paul. In 2004, she released The Dragon Spell, which was warmly received by critics and fantasy lovers. The popularity of the novel began to grow very rapidly, and it soon took its place in the world of pop culture and fantasy literature. The plot told about a girl who used to be a slave, but after being released, she decided to go to save dragons.

Interesting facts

  • Each culture has its own image of the dragon. There are fire-breathing dragons, with one head or many heads, their sizes and color of scales vary.
  • According to mythological sources and beliefs, dragons reproduce by laying eggs. Of these, given the ambient temperature, female or male individuals may hatch.
  • It is assumed that dragons are descendants of extinct dinosaurs.

How to celebrate

If there are any events or festivals dedicated to Appreciate a Dragon Day in your city, be sure to visit them. On this holiday, you can watch films that have scenes with dragons or TV shows, play computer games on the appropriate topics (Skyrim is the best example), read fantasy literature. You can also purchase clothes or other items with dragon designs.

When is Appreciate a Dragon Day celebrated in 2024?

Appreciate a Dragon Day is observed on January 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday January 16 2024
Thursday January 16 2025
Friday January 16 2026
Saturday January 16 2027

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