Alcoholics Anonymous Founders’ Day - June 10
Mon, Jun 10, 2024

Alcoholics Anonymous Founders’ Day

This socially significant event is celebrated on June 10 and is called Alcoholics Anonymous Founders Day. The event has an interesting history associated with people having difficulties with addiction to drinking. Awareness increases the likelihood of avoiding the problem of dependence on alcohol in the future.

The History

Alcoholics Anonymous was formed in the USA in the state of Ohio in 1935. Two people wanted to get drunk, but decided to refrain from their vicious desire, and replaced drink with sincere conversation. Their names were Dr. Bob and Bill W. The first group of wishing to maintain a sober lifestyle was recruited in 1937. 40 participants gathered. It is a useful holiday dedicated to an urgent social issue.

Interesting Facts

The 12 steps program was developed in 1938.

  1. Fundamental elements of the sobriety program are psychological mechanisms that need to be activated in the fight against addiction.
  2. The first step towards recovery is acceptance of the situation, an honest confession of powerlessness before the desire to drink, and awareness of the need for outside help.
  3. Psychological rehabilitation involves analytical work; it is necessary to find strangers or relatives who suffered from the behavior of a drunken person. Focus on helping others.

Kind of action aimed at encouraging discussion, analyzing one’s own condition, is effective. No person should be left alone with this disease.

How to take part

Read the history of the founders and help to people addicted to alcohol.

If you have an addiction, start treatment by joining a group with identical difficulties. Society periodically organizes large-scale conferences attended by people from different countries who faced trouble, but improved their lives. Believe and act!

When is Alcoholics Anonymous Founders’ Day celebrated in 2024?

Alcoholics Anonymous Founders’ Day is observed on June 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 10 2024
Tuesday June 10 2025