Zoo Lovers Day - April 8
Mon, Apr 8, 2024

Zoo Lovers Day

For animal lovers, an ideal way to spend Zoo Lovers Day on April 8 is to go to a zoo. Social movements, whose activists demand the closure of zoos, are gaining ground. It is important to remember zoos help to protect some animal species from extinction. Representatives of rare fauna are kept in safe conditions, giving them a chance for reproduction, preserving the species.

The History

The history of zoos begins with the reign of Alexander the Great. During his conquests, numerous battles significantly expanded his territory, and he founded many colonies. Wild animals the Greeks encountered in Asian countries were put in cages and sent to western regions. Animals were used as objects for research. Romans gathered extensive collections. After Rome fell, these were disbanded. However, the tradition remained. In the Middle Ages, European monarchs kept private zoos. These were huge menageries served by numerous staff. The Zoological Society of London was founded at the beginning of the XIX century. Zoos began to appear everywhere. Some continue their activities, having century-old histories and great reputations.

Interesting facts

Populations of huge pandas have been collected in special eco parks in China. These charming bears are not adapted to live independently, they are lazy, and the species is on the verge of extinction. Now pandas are in Chinese zoos and are increasing in number.

  1. The first zoo appeared in 4 thousand BC.
  2. The first American zoo appeared in 1874 in Pennsylvania.
  3. This holiday is celebrated by going to the zoo and helping volunteers, becoming a member of the team, providing free assistance. Such work brings benefits to the animals and birds kept in a zoo.

Numerous zoo visitors, including children, have the opportunity to see exotic animals and learn about the natural world. Participants help animals, take care of them, and improve their conditions.

When is Zoo Lovers Day celebrated in 2024?

Zoo Lovers Day is observed on April 8 each year.


Monday April 8 2024
Tuesday April 8 2025
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