World Rat Day - April 4
Thu, Apr 4, 2024

World Rat Day

World Rat Day is a worldwide holiday dedicated to rats. An important clarification, in this case we are talking about domestic or decorative rats. They are a worthy alternative to other rodents, such as hamsters or guinea pigs! The holiday is celebrated every year on April 4.


Rats are one of the oldest animals. Researchers claim that they existed as far back as the Dinosaur Age. These animals are very intelligent, nimble, not demanding to eat and very well adapted to different conditions. Because of these qualities, today rats are in great demand as pets.

The idea for World Rat Day belongs to American rat-breeders, who decided to popularize this animal as a pet, as well as to rid society of stereotypes associated with rats. The main one is that rats carry dangerous diseases and are associated with filth. In fact, such opinions are true for wild rats that live in basements, abandoned buildings and so on. Therefore, it should not be compared to all representatives of the rat world.

Interesting facts

  • Rats gained their notoriety from the bubonic plague epidemic of the Middle Ages. At that time, they were the main carriers of the disease.
  • Rats play a major role in medicine. It is these animals that are used for various studies, drug trials, etc. This practice is used because of the similarity between the rat genome and the human genome, which is almost 95%.
  • Rats are great in the water. They can spend about 72 hours in the water and still swim 30 km!

How to celebrate

Buy your rat new toys or upgrade his habitat/cage. If you’ve wanted a pet for a long time, consider a rat! Find more interesting information about these animals online.

Spread the word about World Rat Day on social media. Ask users about their attitudes toward this kind of pet.

When is World Rat Day celebrated in 2024?

World Rat Day is observed on April 4 each year.


Thursday April 4 2024
Friday April 4 2025
Weekday Month Day Year

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