World Logic Day - January 14
Sun, Jan 14, 2024

World Logic Day

World Logic Day is an international holiday of logic. Celebrated January 14th. It is designed to emphasize the great role of logic in the life of every person and society as a whole. Logic reflects the human essence, distinguishes us from animals. Thanks to reasoning, we learn about the world around us and develop as a person.


The World Logic Day holiday was established by UNESCO on November 26, 2019, since then it has been celebrated every year on January 14. Its purpose is to draw the attention of researchers and society to the problem of logic, to show how important this concept is.

Logic was one of the main philosophical concepts. It could be thought of as a procedure for learning the principles of correct reasoning. What is meant by this description? We all analyze the information that comes to us. Based on the data received, the brain builds a certain logical chain, thanks to which we can make informed decisions or a different point of view.

Our whole life is built on logic, and we don’t even think about it. Let’s just take an example. The apple can be cut into pieces. An apple is a fruit and it is soft, so we can work on it with a kitchen knife. Conclusion: an apple can be cut into pieces with a knife.

Interesting facts

  • Logic is not simple reasoning. Thanks to logic, we can adapt to the changing conditions of life and find solutions from the most difficult situations.
  • Logic as a meaningful concept arose in the 4th century BC. in ancient Greece thanks to Aristotle.
  • Today, logic is not only a philosophical concept and is actively used to solve life problems, but is an important element in the mathematical sciences and programming.

How to celebrate

You can celebrate World Logic Day both on your own and with your family or friends. Go through various texts on the definition of IQ, compete in solving logical problems, study in more detail the role of logic in philosophy and modern sciences. Make your own logic tests.

Share information about the holiday on social networks. Discuss with other users how often you use logic in real life, how you train it, and so on.

When is World Logic Day celebrated in 2024?

World Logic Day is observed on January 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday January 14 2024
Tuesday January 14 2025
Wednesday January 14 2026
Thursday January 14 2027