World Human Spirit Day - February 17
Sat, Feb 17, 2024

World Human Spirit Day

World Human Spirit Day is an unusual, but very important and necessary holiday. On this day, people unite spiritually, try to achieve harmony in relationships and get closer to perfection. There are no strict canons of celebration at the moment. The main thing on this day is to think about the spiritual and temporarily forget about the material aspects of life. As practical experience shows, this is not so easy to do, but, nevertheless, the holiday has remained beloved and popular all over the world for many years.


Invented World Human Spirit Day experts in the field of esotericism. The main purpose of the holiday is to make people all over the world feel like spiritual relatives, so that enmity and hatred disappear in the world and eternal harmony reigns. The holiday has a passing date, as it is celebrated according to the Eastern calendar. On this day, at exactly 3 p.m., all the people of the world should interrupt their affairs and think a little about the spiritual, about their soul and about the soul of the world.

Interesting facts

  • It is noted in most centers of spiritual search;
  • Psychologists say that World Human Spirit Day makes a person rethink values, think about life after death.
  • This day is great for meditation. Experts recommend doing spiritual practices in the morning (before 15:00).

In World Human Spirit Day, the souls of the living and the dead are connected spiritually.

How to celebrate

There are different ways to celebrate this unusual. You can do meditation or just reflect on your soul and life after death.

A good option is to read a book on this topic, attend a thematic lecture or seminar.

You can go to any Spiritual Practice Center and sign up for several classes, or you can contact a coach or psychologist to engage in self-improvement. There are many ways to make this holiday unforgettable, the main thing is to understand its true meaning. This holiday has no analogues in the world, so it should definitely be included in the calendar of events and memorable dates.

When is World Human Spirit Day celebrated in 2024?

World Human Spirit Day is observed on February 17 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday February 17 2024
Monday February 17 2025
Tuesday February 17 2026
Wednesday February 17 2027