World Contraception Day - September 26
Mon, Sep 26, 2022

World Contraception Day

World Contraception Day is held every year on September 26th. The first time the event was held in 2006 under the slogan “Contraception is your life, your responsibility.” The event was founded by several major international organizations dealing with family planning issues.


This day preaches an important principle that all people on the planet must adhere to – pregnancy for two parents must be planned and desired. The purpose of the event is to raise awareness of citizens about the methods of contraception available today, as well as provide complete information about reproductive health, ways to avoid situations where conception may become unplanned. This will help to significantly reduce the number of abortions.

Useful information about contraception

  • The use of contraceptives and drugs reduces maternal mortality by 40%.
  • A survey of women showed that almost 86% of them changed the method of contraception at least twice.
  • There is no universal method of contraception, about 77% of women experienced discomfort when using a particular method, so they went to the doctor to change it. This indicates that each organism is individual.
  • There is no contraceptive that is 100% effective, so none of the methods can protect against unwanted pregnancy.
  • Highly effective methods include IUDs, implants, their effectiveness reaches 99%.

How to celebrate

Remember that fertility is a collective responsibility, so it is important to spread the word about the holiday through all available channels. Talk to your doctor about birth control methods and find the best one. Join a family planning organization and, of course, talk to your partner about conceiving and having a baby.

When is World Contraception Day in 2022?

World Contraception Day is observed on September 26 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday September 26 2022
Tuesday September 26 2023
Thursday September 26 2024
Friday September 26 2025
Saturday September 26 2026

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