World Beard Day - September
Sat, Sep 2, 2023

World Beard Day

World Beard Day is a holiday that was founded in honor of this symbol of masculinity and heroism. The beard has been considered a sign of strength, wisdom, and even high social status since prehistoric times. If you agree that there is something in it to admire, feel free to join the celebration.


The beard appeared when the caveman appeared, because there were no razors at that time. Of course, there is a version that primitive people used shells as razors, but by tradition they are depicted with thick beards. It is believed that around 4000 BC shaving appeared, since then facial hair has been trimmed regularly.

The first product resembling shaving cream appeared in Mesopotamia; it was invented by the Sumerians. Today, the beard has retained its valued advantage in the Arab world. In other countries, it is more a tribute to fashion.

Interesting Facts

  • The origin of World Beard Day is not known for certain, but according to historians, it was celebrated by the Vikings in Denmark in 800.
  • Anthony van Dyck, the famous Flemish artist, in 1600 painted portraits of men with pointed beards, which were called Van Dyck.
  • Wax and even lipstick were used to care for the beard, after which it was combed.
  • During the Victorian era, doctors prescribed beards to treat various ailments.
  • Psychologists note that the presence of a beard affects the perception of a man’s social status.

How to take part

For men, you can try to grow a beard; choose the shape and type on the Internet, or consult a stylist. If you already have facial hair, change your image. Give the man you love a beard grooming kit.

When is World Beard Day celebrated in 2023?

World Beard Day is observed on the first Saturday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday September 2 2023
Saturday September 7 2024
Saturday September 6 2025
Saturday September 5 2026

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