We Love Memoirs Day - August 31
Wed, Aug 31, 2022

We Love Memoirs Day

We Love Memoirs Day is celebrated on August 31 by those weird readers who prefer a particular genre of literature. These are people’s memories of their past, traditionally called memoirs. The authors of memoirs can be both famous people who influenced the course of history, and completely unknown to anyone. But that doesn’t make their memories any less interesting.


We Love Memoirs Day was founded in 2013. His idea came from a Facebook community created by two writers. Victoria Tweed and Alan Parks wanted to create a friendly space for connoisseurs of such literature, where they could discuss a variety of memoirs and exchange views. The holiday quickly gained popularity all over the world: it turns out that there are many fans of reading other people’s memories!

Interesting facts

On this holiday, I want to remember the history of a wonderful memoir genre. And here comes the weirdness! The fact is that the first work in the genre of memoirs is the famous work of Aurelius Augustine, consisting of 13 autobiographical books, named by the author “Confession” and written approximately in 397-400 AD.

But those who point to this fact seem to ignore ancient literature. If we take it into account, then Blessed Augustine is not at all a pioneer in this genre! The famous Roman commander and dictator of Rome, Lucius Cornelius Sulla, nicknamed Felix (Lucky), renounced dictatorial power, retired and began writing memoirs. This happened around 79-78 BC. e.!

How to celebrate

How can you celebrate We Love Memoirs Day? There are ways:

  1. Find new memoirs to read. Choose a book from a person from an era or country that you have never been interested in before. Get new experiences.
  2. Create your own group or community to discuss a variety of memoirs.
  3. Try writing your own memoir! One of the famous writers said that every person can write one wonderful book. About my own life.

When is We Love Memoirs Day celebrated in 2022?

We Love Memoirs Day is observed on August 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday August 31 2022
Thursday August 31 2023
Saturday August 31 2024
Sunday August 31 2025
Monday August 31 2026

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