Umbrella Day - February 10
Sat, Feb 10, 2024

Umbrella Day

Umbrella Day is an American holiday dedicated to the umbrella. This accessory has long gained popularity, as it allows you to stay relatively dry (except for the legs) even in the most heavy rain. The holiday is celebrated annually on February 10.


The history of the umbrella begins in ancient China, around 20 AD. However, it was already a prototype of a modern folding umbrella. In one tomb, a terracotta wagon was found, which was equipped with a static umbrella. He allowed to protect the people transported on it from the sun and rain. This find dates back to 210 BC.

Since the late 1400s, the umbrella has been a symbol of papal authority in Rome. In France, the umbrella was mainly intended to protect against the rays of the scorching sun and was popular in the 18th century. Such umbrellas were made of waxed linen, the handle was made of bone. The first folding umbrella was introduced in the French capital on May 4, 1715.

In the US, a folding umbrella as an invention was patented. B. Phillips in 1969. Starting next year, these devices began to be actively sold by Totes.

Interesting facts

  • According to an ancient Chinese legend, a carpenter decided to make a “roof” from the rain for his wife, who would always be with her. And so the umbrella was born.
  • The pharaohs used umbrellas made of feathers and palm leaves. This device protected the rulers from the scorching sun of Egypt.
  • Rain umbrellas appeared during the reign of Louis 13. But then these inventions were intended for women of the upper class. It was shameful for men to carry umbrellas.

How to celebrate

Buy a new umbrella for yourself on Umbrella Day. The modern market offers a huge range of these devices. Carry an umbrella more often if it’s raining or hot outside. An umbrella is not only a practical solution in bad weather, but also a very stylish solution that will complement your look.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users how often they use an umbrella in bad weather? Or prefer a hood, for example.

When is Umbrella Day celebrated in 2024?

Umbrella Day is observed on February 10 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday February 10 2024
Monday February 10 2025
Tuesday February 10 2026
Wednesday February 10 2027

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