Tempranillo Day - November 10
Thu, Nov 10, 2022

Tempranillo Day

Tempranillo Day is an annual holiday that is celebrated every year on the second Thursday of the last autumn month, in 2022 this day falls on November 10th. The term “Tempranillo” has Spanish roots and is associated with the temprano grape variety, which means early, because it is harvested at the beginning of the season.


The first Tempranillo Day was celebrated in 2011 at the initiative of the Society for the Defenders of Manufacturers and Friends of Tempranillo, it was they who were the first to celebrate the holiday and gave it life. The mission of the holiday is to provide wine connoisseurs with the opportunity to enjoy an amazing drink, to increase their awareness of this product and the culture of its use.

Thursday was chosen for the celebration, so that restaurants and liquor stores can celebrate this event calmly, without being distracted by the traditional weekend workload. More than 10 years have passed since the first celebration, since then, on November 10, millions of people open a bottle of their favorite Spanish wine and enjoy the rich texture, fruity taste.

Interesting Facts

  • Temprano grapes grow in the Iberian Peninsula, one of the most popular varieties in Spain and Portugal.
  • This is the fourth most popular grape variety, only international varieties growing in America, France, Argentina, Chile are more popular.
  • Tempranillo wine is aged in oak barrels, which gives the taste of the drink a special note.
  • Gourmets note that the wine has a perfectly balanced taste, soft character and versatility – it goes well with different dishes.
  • It is believed that this wine is older than Jesus himself – on one of the frescoes, dating back to 1100 BC, this Spanish wine is depicted.

How to celebrate

Celebrate this wonderful day with a glass of your favorite wine – raspberry, plum, cherry, strawberry, whatever. Expand your knowledge in the field of winemaking, you can visit the winery, see how the drink is made, taste new varieties and update your personal wine list. Pair wine with fruits and cheeses. Spanish wine pairs perfectly with fresh salads, main courses. Organize a party with noble wine and light snacks.

When is Tempranillo Day celebrated in 2022?

Tempranillo Day is observed on the second Thursday of November each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday November 10 2022
Thursday November 9 2023
Thursday November 14 2024
Thursday November 13 2025
Thursday November 12 2026