Swiss Cheese Day - January 2
Tue, Jan 2, 2024

Swiss Cheese Day

Swiss Cheese Day is dedicated to the favorite product for many Americans! It stands out from other varieties, has a not too sharp taste, is balanced in salt and sweetness. But he definitely doesn’t take piquancy, so right now go to the store and treat yourself to a piece of cheese.


There is a beautiful legend about the origin of cheese: in the Stone Age, hunters noticed that the stomachs of young animals contain an incomprehensible substance. After the murder, the milk was transformed into a kind of curd cheese. Actually, the first acquaintance looked like this according to many modern scientists.

Archaeologists have found many evidence that during the Neolithic in Switzerland, our ancestors kept cattle. Milk was a staple, but since refrigeration didn’t exist, a way had to be found to keep it fresh for a long time. Initially, soft cheese appeared, then people began to make hard cheese. The variety was first mentioned in the 1st century, but was called “Caseus Helveticus”.

Today it is prepared by boiling – this is how the product gets the perfect taste and texture. The freshest cow’s milk is used, which gives it a creamy note. Cheese lovers distinguish 7 main types (in reality, there are many more of them), however, due to a similar creation technology, they do not differ too much.

Interesting facts

It is curious that:

  • in 2016, more than 180 tons of cheese were eaten in the producing country;
  • a third of the product is exported to other countries, the US accounts for 13%;
  • cheese is suitable for people with lactose intolerance – some varieties end up not having it, it breaks down during the production process;
  • the French break records – one person here eats more than 25 kg. cheese per year;
  • local farmers send cows to mountain pastures in spring and return only in autumn.

How to celebrate

Get an original product on Swiss Cheese Day. See what you can combine it with to achieve a brighter taste experience. Make your own simple cheese – check out the recipes! Treat your friends for the holidays.

When is Swiss Cheese Day celebrated in 2024?

Swiss Cheese Day is observed on January 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday January 2 2024
Thursday January 2 2025
Friday January 2 2026
Saturday January 2 2027

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