Stay Home Because You’re Well Day - November 30
Wed, Nov 30, 2022

Stay Home Because You’re Well Day

Stay Home Because You’re Well Day is celebrated in the US on November 30th. This is an important day for every person: we all sometimes need a rest due to frenzied activity. A comfortable life directly depends on how we treat our body – if we overload it with constant work, it will respond with malfunctions, apathy, depression. Today is the best date of the year for relaxation, join us!


The holiday was founded by Ruth and Tom Roy, co-founders of Wellcat Holidays & Herbs. They have many interesting programs on their account. Today they encourage you to take a day off and not make excuses. Unfortunately, people make up illnesses or other stories to stay at home. In Stay Home Because You’re Well Day, you don’t have to do this – keep yourself away from work and be alone with yourself.

A flurry of constant calls, messages, noisy colleagues – all this is exhausting. So you want to get away from the hustle and bustle for at least 1 day. Everyone has such an opportunity, it’s just that for some reason people are ashamed to admit that a pause is really necessary. So, Ruth and Tom invite you to blow up the stereotypes!

Interesting facts

Why a person needs rest: 6 reasons

  1. Removal of stress. A serious workload turns on the body’s survival mode. This does not allow you to live a full life: build a family, pay attention to loved ones, have fun.
  2. Risks. Some studies show that non-stop activities increase mortality by 21%. Life is so short, it’s foolish to make it even shorter.
  3. Increasing activity. After a timeout, a person is recruited with new strength and has great resources.
  4. Improving communication. Working all day long, we forget about loved ones, on weekends you can fully pay attention to them.
  5. Inspiration. The best ideas come during relaxation!
  6. It is legal. In the end, a person has the right to rest.

How to celebrate

Stay at home. Do what you love: draw, listen to music, read. Prepare a delicious dinner and treat your friends, order food delivery. Spend time on things that bring you pleasure!

When is Stay Home Because You’re Well Day celebrated in 2022?

Stay Home Because You’re Well Day is observed on November 30 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday November 30 2022
Thursday November 30 2023
Saturday November 30 2024
Sunday November 30 2025
Monday November 30 2026

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