St. Dwynwen's Day - January 25
Thu, Jan 25, 2024

St. Dwynwen’s Day

St. Dwynwen’s Day is an amazing and charming holiday when lonely hearts meet. He is able to give happiness to any person and make him take the first step towards the fulfillment of his cherished desire.


According to legend, Didd Santes Dwynden was the daughter of a Welsh king who ruled in the 5 century. She was considered the most beautiful woman in the palace. Her beauty, beauty was envied even by representatives of the highest authorities from other countries. The girl fell in love with a young man from a simple family. The father had long promised the hand of his daughter to the prince, and categorically rejected marriage with a commoner.

The princess fled into the forest. On her knees, she begged the Lord to help her get rid of her parents’ anger and become happy. God has mercy. As a sign of gratitude, the girl went to the monastery. She spent most of her life locked up. Every day the nun prayed for all couples in love.

Dwinden is considered the patron saint of lovers in Wales. On January 25, in memory of her, a holiday is celebrated in a number of countries, but many have long since departed from the original traditions. On this day, it is customary to spend as much time as possible with your soul mates, reminding you of the importance love plays in the life of every person.

Interesting facts

  1. Wales has the largest number of castles in all of the UK. A romantic and mysterious atmosphere always reigns here, and each place tells its own story. They are shrouded in a halo of secrets and mysteries, which only the pure in soul can reveal.
  2. It has become a tradition in Welsh culture to exchange spoons with your loved ones, expressing gratitude for every day spent together.
  3. Saint Patrick, famous in Ireland, was actually Welsh.

How to celebrate

The most suitable day for declarations of love. Don’t think about what might be rejected. Take a step towards a meeting and believe that you are also worthy of happiness. Love can inspire, but sometimes you have to sink to the ground and face severe trials.

Arrange a romantic date and invite your soulmate. Not only with the help of gifts you can show how sincere and great feelings are. Sometimes beautiful words and the right deeds are enough.

When is St. Dwynwen’s Day celebrated in 2024?

St. Dwynwen’s Day is observed on January 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday January 25 2024
Saturday January 25 2025
Sunday January 25 2026
Monday January 25 2027

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