Self-Improvement Month - September
Fri, Sep 1, 2023

Self-Improvement Month

Self-Improvement Month is a reminder for everyone to constantly improve. September is a great time to evaluate how satisfied you are with yourself, what you would like to change, and who you would like to become. Today, people pay great attention to self-improvement, and this is confirmed by the numbers – only in America, the improvement industry is estimated at 11 billion dollars.


In the 1980s, non-profit organizations actively began to distribute self-improvement publications and events. Already by 1988, this had acquired a nationwide scale, and since then, Self-Improvement Month has been celebrated annually in September. Such popularity of everything related to self-improvement is explained by the fact that people tend to strive for success, to become better. It is a natural drive.

Interesting Facts

  • Self-improvement is a huge business that consists of books, seminars, webinars, magazines, blogs, and online publications.
  • Nearly 6% of all books sold in America are devoted to improvement. Also in great demand is the book “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.”
  • About 70% of consumers of motivational products are women.
  • Every year in America, there are about 5 thousand speakers who talk about how to succeed. The average fee for one event is 50 thousand dollars.

How to take part

Start playing sports. This is the best way to start the path to a better version of yourself. When a person is in excellent physical shape, they feel more confident. Start reading books about success, and how to balance family and career. Volunteer – it gives a sense of purpose, making a person happier. It is enough to dedicate a few hours a week to volunteering.

When is Self-Improvement Month celebrated in 2023?

Self-Improvement Month is observed on September 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 1 2023
Sunday September 1 2024
Monday September 1 2025
Tuesday September 1 2026