Self-Improvement Month - September
Sun, Sep 1, 2024

Self-Improvement Month

Self-Improvement Month is a time for everyone to focus on personal growth and development. September is an ideal month to reflect on personal satisfaction, desired changes, and future aspirations. With the self-improvement industry valued at 11 billion dollars in America alone, it’s clear that many people prioritize personal development.


The 1980s saw a surge in non-profit organizations distributing publications and hosting events focused on self-improvement. By 1988, the movement had gained nationwide momentum, leading to the annual celebration of Self-Improvement Month each September. The popularity of self-improvement initiatives stems from a universal desire to achieve success and personal betterment.

Interesting Facts

  • The self-improvement industry encompasses books, seminars, webinars, magazines, blogs, and online publications.
  • Approximately 6% of all books sold in America are related to self-improvement, including popular titles like “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.”
  • Women make up about 70% of consumers of motivational products.
  • Annually, around 5,000 speakers in America discuss success strategies, with average speaking fees reaching $50,000 per event.

How to take part

Kickstart your self-improvement by engaging in physical activities; being in good shape boosts confidence. Dive into books about achieving success and maintaining a balance between family and career. Consider volunteering; dedicating a few hours weekly can provide a sense of purpose and contribute to happiness.

When is Self-Improvement Month celebrated in 2024?

Self-Improvement Month is observed on September 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday September 1 2024
Monday September 1 2025
Tuesday September 1 2026
Wednesday September 1 2027
Friday September 1 2028
Saturday September 1 2029