Samhain - October 31
Tue, Oct 31, 2023


Samhain is a Celtic festival that marks the end of the harvest and coincides with Halloween. It is also the day of the dead, and it is customary to remember and thank their souls for their otherworldly help.


The Celts considered the holiday sacred and followed established traditions such as kindling bonfires, arranging competitions and organizing sacrifices. It was believed that until October 31, it was possible to use all the gifts of the earth freely and that only after that, all fruits and plants became inviolable.

On the evening of Samhain, people lit candles of various colors, each of which symbolized a certain theme. Magical rituals and spells were cast around the fires, and sacrifices were made in the form of fruit, animal hair, and meat.

It was believed that after Samhain, any attempts to complete tasks would not bring success. Some Celts even communicated with the dead, asking questions and apparently receiving answers.

Interesting facts

  • On this day, the line between the two worlds is the thinnest.
  • People sent negative energy and problems into the fire, believing that the fire would absorb it all.
  • The symbolic dinner of the holiday is called silent.
  • On this day, old unnecessary things must be thrown away.

How to take part

To take part in Samhain, visit relatives to strengthen family ties. Show care and attention, and do not hold grudges – if you are in a quarrel with someone, make peace. Light candles on the windows in honor of the dark forces. Gather with friends, burn bonfires, have fun, dress up in costumes, and do makeup. Meditate – just close your eyes, relax and ask the higher forces for well-being.

When is Samhain celebrated in 2023?

Samhain is observed on October 31 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday October 31 2023
Thursday October 31 2024
Friday October 31 2025
Saturday October 31 2026

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