Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day - June 24
Mon, Jun 24, 2024

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day

This special event is widely celebrated in the USA and Canada on June 24 and is called Saint Jean Baptiste Day. The culmination of the evening will be magnificent fireworks.

The History

This is the holiday for French-speaking residents of Canada and the USA. In 1834, Ludger Duvernay was amazed by the scope and luxury of the St. Patrick’s Day celebration held in a Canadian city. The journalist decided to create a similar event aimed at the French-speaking population. In 1849, a national society was established to support social interaction and progress. In 1925, the event gained state status and began to be celebrated everywhere.

Interesting Facts

The alternative name of the celebration is Quebec National Holiday.

  1. Saint Jean Baptiste (St John the Baptist) was a key figure. According to the Bible, he baptized Jesus in the waters of the Jordan river.
  2. The symbol of the day is a white lily.
  3. The celebration takes place under the flag of Quebec, showing white and blue tones.

In the evening, Canadian cities are illuminated by the picturesque lights of fireworks. It is a fascinating sight.

How to take part

Take part in social events; look at the solemn processions and parades. Then go on a picnic outside the city or have a barbecue with friends.

When is Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day celebrated in 2024?

Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day is observed on June 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday June 24 2024
Tuesday June 24 2025

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