Sacagawea Day - December 20
Wed, Dec 20, 2023

Sacagawea Day

On Sacagawea Day, people come together to honor the brave and strong woman who was born in 1788. Her overall contribution is hard to underestimate, and in the United States, memorials and statues are dedicated to her, a decision made by the National Women’s Organization.


Sacagawea was born near Idaho and belonged to the Shoshone tribe of the Lemhi people. At an early age, she was stolen and sold to a wealthy Canadian hunter who, according to the rules of the time, took both her and another girl as his wives. In 1804, travelers of the Mandan people stopped in their area and invited the hunter to follow them as an interpreter, so Sacagawea ended up on the expedition. The young woman had given birth to a son and took him along. She was knowledgeable in plants and fruits, which always saved the team. She showed courage in many situations, for example, during a shipwreck, she bravely threw herself into the water and managed to save many important things. Her actions spread like wildfire and legends were made about her. One day the expedition encountered a tribe whose leader was Sacagawea’s brother. The meeting changed the situation drastically, as the group was provided with the necessary assistance.

It is not known for certain where Sacagawea passed away. There are several versions; one suggests she returned to South Dakota to her husband’s house, and another claims she was lucky enough to die in her homeland, from where she left against her will. However, one thing is certain: the beautiful Indian has become an indestructible symbol of peace and diplomacy.

Interesting facts

  • Sacagawea married at 13, her husband being 20-30 years older.
  • She was fluent in many languages.
  • A river in present-day Montana is named after her.
  • Travelers treated her as an equal.

How to take part

Learn more about Sacagawea’s life which was full of adventures and interesting events! Visit memorial sites and honor her. Find a map that was created at that time. Watch a documentary about the trip.

When is Sacagawea Day celebrated in 2023?

Sacagawea Day is observed on December 20 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday December 20 2023
Friday December 20 2024
Saturday December 20 2025
Sunday December 20 2026