Roast Dinner Day - November 4
Sat, Nov 4, 2023

Roast Dinner Day

Roast Dinner Day is an annual celebration held on November 4th in the United Kingdom to honor National School Feeding Week. The holiday was founded by the charity Food for Life, as its mission is to promote healthy eating and the importance of gathering together for a joint meal. Educational institutes, nursing homes, and public organizations now join in the annual initiative.


Sunday Roast is a tradition that originated in the British Isles, particularly Yorkshire. It is typically served after church services and usually consists of a roast of various meats, with the occasional addition of dairy products. During the era of industrialization, many families would prepare the roast before attending church, then gather for a meal afterwards. Today, the tradition has both social and religious significance.

Interesting facts

  • Sunday roast has only been around for about a hundred years and usually consists of boiled beef, beans, and cabbage.
  • In the 15th century, when Henry VII was ruling, a meat dish with vegetables was a popular dish.
  • In the 19th century, the British were advised to not eat more than 6.5 pounds of meat per week.
  • Vegetarianism and veganism have become increasingly popular in the 21st century.
  • Horseradish sauce has been served with roast beef in Britain for over 400 years.
  • Yorkshire pudding is often served at Sunday dinner, although it was once called dripping.
  • Fried potatoes are a traditional side dish for Sunday roast.

How to take part

Organize your own Sunday dinner and invite family, friends, and neighbors. Utilize local produce purchased from farmers’ markets and don’t feel like you have to spend time cooking yourself – book a table at a restaurant and enjoy the meal in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

When is Roast Dinner Day celebrated in 2023?

Roast Dinner Day is observed on November 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday November 4 2023
Monday November 4 2024
Tuesday November 4 2025
Wednesday November 4 2026

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