Recess at Work Day - June
Thu, Jun 20, 2024

Recess at Work Day

We can agree, even the word ‘work’ in most cases evokes feelings of boredom and is associated with routine. Recess at Work Day is a holiday reminding you to relax and be sure to set aside time to make your working days more fun. Psychologists and employers note that Recess at Work Day is a great way to increase team productivity, rally employee morale, and unite them.


Recess at Work Day is one day when employees are allowed to have fun, rejoice, and spend working time on entertainment. You can do this in the office or outdoors. When Rich DiGirolamo first proposed this holiday format, he believed it helps employees to be happy, efficient, and friendly. He perceived Recess at Work Day as a reboot and the beginning of a new labor stage. After such a rest, you can launch a responsible project, and set the appropriate tasks. In addition, Recess at Work Day helps companies retain employees and customers.

Interesting Facts

  • There are no rules for celebrating Recess at Work Day. Each company independently determines what events will be held and in what format.
  • You can celebrate the holiday all day, or allocate part of the working time.
  • You can combine the celebration and your work process; for example, schedule a meeting with a client in an unusual place or hold an on-site signing of an agreement – outside the city, in the fresh air.

How to take part

  • Make a Recess at Work Day plan, conduct a survey in advance on how employees want to celebrate the holiday.
  • Invite artists and put on a show.
  • Go to the park; in the fresh air you can play different games and have competitions, if the weather allows, or you can relax on the beach.
  • Activities that bring people together – volunteering, charity work, are also very useful.

Create a time capsule – this motivates employees to stay in the company and to return after many years to the capsule and open it.

When is Recess at Work Day celebrated in 2024?

Recess at Work Day is observed on the third Thursday in June.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday June 20 2024
Thursday June 19 2025