Play Basketball Day - December 2
Sat, Dec 2, 2023

Play Basketball Day

Play Basketball Day is celebrated on December 2 in America. It’s a great day to have some exercise and fun! Basketball has become an important part of life for many people, so why not mark this special date?


This holiday is dedicated to James Naismith’s birthday, who invented the game that has now become a global phenomenon. At the time, Naismith was working at a college founded by the Youth Christian Organization. He was passionate about his work, and found ways to keep the students entertained and interested, by teaching them gymnastics, anatomy, and organizing hikes during summer. It became more difficult to keep them engaged during the winter, so the director asked Naismith to come up with something to raise the spirits of the students. This was when he invented basketball! It’s believed the idea was inspired by the game for children called “duck on the rock”; according to the rules, you need to throw a small stone at a large one in order to knock it down.

Interesting facts

  • Basketball has not changed much over its years of development.
  • Prior to World War II, it was known only in America, and after that it spread throughout the world.
  • It became an Olympic sport in 1936.
  • It is not only for tall people – there are players with a height below 170 cm. The tallest basketball player in the world was Suleiman Ali Nashnun from Libya who had a height of 245 cm.

How to take part

Gather with friends, visit a basketball court or an open area for a game. Come to watch a match of your favorite teams or watch it on TV. Learn more about the game and share your knowledge with others.

When is Play Basketball Day celebrated in 2023?

Play Basketball Day is observed on December 2 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday December 2 2023
Monday December 2 2024
Tuesday December 2 2025
Wednesday December 2 2026