Peach Blossom Day - march
Sun, Mar 3, 2024

Peach Blossom Day

Peach Blossom Day is an annual Chinese holiday celebrating the blossoming peach. The festival takes place in Hunan province. Peach blossoms symbolize feminine beauty. Maybe that’s why they are so beautiful! The holiday is celebrated on March 3.


The peach is a traditional tree in China. According to research, the peach tree has been growing in these areas for more than 2.5 millennia. Mentions of it were found in ancient written sources found in excavations. The fossilized bones of the fruit found in the ancient world also confirm the certainty of the plant’s existence.

It is believed that the peach came to Europe in the 330s BC, when the seeds of the plant were brought there by A. Macedonian. It later spread to many European countries. People appreciated the sweet taste and juicy flesh of the fruit.

The peach was introduced to America in the late 1400s, by European colonists. Active cultivation of this fruit in the United States dates back to the beginning of the 19th century. Today it is in great demand among Americans. The fruit is eaten both pure and used to create various desserts.

Interesting facts

  • In China, peach blossoms are believed to protect against evil spirits and increase human vitality.
  • Peaches were the first fruit eaten by American astronauts on the moon.
  • Peaches are high in vitamins A, B and C and contain various minerals. One fruit will take away the feeling of hunger for a few hours, as the average caloric value is 440 kcal.

How to celebrate

If you visit China on Peach Blossom Day, you can take part in a colorful festival in honor of the holiday. Explore more interesting information about peaches online. Prepare a dessert based on this fruit or just enjoy its taste.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users if they have ever attended a Chinese festival.

When is Peach Blossom Day in 2024?

Peach Blossom Day with the anticipation of happiness and joy. It is observed on March 3 each year.


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