Holiday Passover
Mon, Apr 22, 2024


The holiday on April 5, named Passover, has Jewish roots. The event marks the Great Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt.

The History

This popular holiday has global significance for the world Christian diaspora. The name originated from the ancient Hebrew word pesach. Moses gathered the Jewish people, who suffered from years of slavery under the Egyptian pharaohs, and led them through the desert to the sacred Mount Sinai, a difficult journey fraught with hardship and suffering. Faith gave the people strength. It was the holiday Jesus Christ celebrated at the Last Supper on the eve of his own crucifixion.

How to take part

Prepare matzah, unleavened flatbread. It’s a national dish of Jews: water, oil, salt, and flour without additives or spices. It is a symbol: the Jews left Egyptian land in a hurry.

  1. Bitter herbs are used in food, symbolizing the bitterness Jews had to experience, escaping from slavery in the name of gaining freedom and their own Promised Land.
  2. Read the Bible, the Old Testament, where the exodus in described.
  3. Do a thorough cleaning of your house. The dwelling should be clean on this holy holiday. Wipe away dust, wash the floors, and remove dirt from hard-to-reach corners.
  4. Serve lamb, chicken, cinnamon, honey, apples, and wine.

Jews have an interesting tradition. Children retell the exodus story, and adults give treats and sweets. Traditions and continuity are preserved.

When Passover celebrated in 2024?

Passover is celebrated on April 22, 2024.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday April 22 2024
Saturday April 12 2025

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