Opera Day - February 8
Thu, Feb 8, 2024

Opera Day

Opera Day is an American holiday dedicated to opera. This type of art is called the main genre of musical theater. In short, the opera is a combination of textual elements and directly singing performance. The holiday is celebrated annually on February 8th.


It is believed that the basis for the birth of the opera was classical European music. Theatrical productions, accompanied by live singing, began to be staged in Italy, then France and other countries. The first opera season took place in 1637 in Venice. The art of opera has been considered something sublime for a century. As a rule, representatives of the nobility and upper classes attended the performances.

Famous composers made a great contribution to the development of the opera. Mozart created the magnificent comedy opera The Marriage of Figaro, and Verdi became famous for his majestic, patriotic operas. Each innovation in the opera allowed this direction to develop, delighting its audience from year to year.

Today, operas are very popular. Many people visit them to join the high culture, to become more enlightened. The art of opera will live forever!

Interesting facts

  • The emergence of opera in the United States is associated with the 18th century. It is believed that the first opera in the American colonies was performed in Charleston, in 1735.
  • Eurydice is considered the first opera in the world. It was placed in 1600.
  • In the world of opera, there are both fairly short productions and very long ones. Wagner’s opera Der Ring des Nibelungen can be safely attributed to the second group. It consists of 4 parts and in general lasts 18 hours.

How to celebrate

Gather with friends or family and visit the opera on Opera Day. If this is new to you, then a pleasant impression and invaluable emotions after visiting the performance are guaranteed! Find out more interesting information about your favorite opera online!

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask other users what their favorite opera is.

When is Opera Day celebrated in 2024?

Opera Day is observed on February 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday February 8 2024
Saturday February 8 2025
Sunday February 8 2026
Monday February 8 2027

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