Old New Year’s Day - March 25
Mon, Mar 25, 2024

Old New Year’s Day

Old New Year’s Day is an annual holiday devoted to the celebration of the Old New Year according to pagan traditions. Usually we are used to hearing the date of January 14, but in this case it is celebrated on March 25. We’ll tell you all about it!


The history of Old New Year’s Day is much older than it may seem. The holiday was celebrated as early as the 2000s B.C. in Mesopotamia during the vernal equinox (around March 25). There were only 10 months, counting the New Year from 1 month (March).

The Romans, under the leadership of Julius Caesar, developed a new calendar called the Julian calendar. There it was already 12 months, and the holiday was moved to January.

The tradition of celebrating March returned to society in the 400s A.D. Then the Roman abbot Dionysius the Lesser created the Anno Domini calendar, which began to be used in several countries. Given that Jesus was conceived on the Annunciation, 9 months before Christmas, March 25 became the symbol of the New Year.

Interesting facts

  • The Julian calendar was created in 46 BC.
  • Dionysius the Younger is commemorated on September 1.

How to celebrate

Everyone decides for themselves how to celebrate Old New Year’s Day. Some people prefer to take a day off and devote their free time to their favorite hobby. Others gather all their family and friends and have fun and colorful parties. Others skip the celebration of the Old New Year altogether and celebrate only the classic version of the holiday, which falls on January 1.

Spread the word on social media. Ask other users how they like to celebrate Old New Year’s Day.

When is Old New Year’s Day celebrated in 2024?

Old New Year’s Day is observed on March 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Monday March 25 2024
Tuesday March 25 2025

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