Old Maid’s Day - June 4
Tue, Jun 4, 2024

Old Maid’s Day

Old Maid’s Day is an annual American holiday dedicated to old maids. These are women whose age already exceeds the standard age for marriage (over 40) and who do not have husbands or children. The holiday is celebrated on June 4. It is designed to support single women, as well as to break down stereotypes that have existed for centuries.


Old Maid’s Day is aimed at supporting single women who never created a family. In past centuries, such women were the objects of ridicule and mockery, since society had a clear statement that the main success in life was to get married.

The story of Old Maid’s Day began in 1948. The holiday was originally established by Marion Richards in honor of all the women who didn’t wait for their husbands and lovers from the fields of WWII. Of the estimated 16,000,000 American soldiers, about half a million did not return home. Many women remained widows, hesitant to tie their lives to someone else.  The holiday is also dedicated to the women of today who devote time to their careers, their creativity, and so on, and who simply don’t have time for family life. We should honor them, because these are the people who give all their soul and time to their work, and do a lot for society.

Interesting facts

  • Marion Richards introduced the practice of holding meetings that are intended for unmarried women. There they can get support and make new acquaintances.
  • Today about 15% of modern women do not have families and devote their lives to their careers.

How to celebrate

Congratulate the women you know who have not married or had children. Find out, if possible, the reasons for their decision.

Tell about the holiday on social networks. Ask the female half of the users, there are no so-called “old maidens” among them.

When is Old Maid’s Day celebrated in 2024?

Old Maid’s Day is observed on June 4 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 4 2024
Wednesday June 4 2025