Neighbor Day - May
Sun, May 26, 2024

Neighbor Day

Neighbor Day is an unofficial holiday created to bring people closer. People living behind a wall or fence can offer or get support and help. It’s good to live in peace and harmony with one’s neighbors.


It is not known who established Neighbor Day. Earlier, people had friendlier relations with their neighbors. They could even be entrusted with the keys to the house or garage. Then relations became colder. Fences became higher, doors and walls became stronger. Many women and men living nearby don’t even know each other. This holiday is a wonderful opportunity to get to know each other or reconcile after long disagreements.

People who maintain good relations with their neighbors argue events should not be held once a year. You can use any free day to have fun and interact you’re your neighbors. Maybe, they don’t need fun, but help and support. You can do this on any day.

How to take part

You can arrange a great get-together: barbeque steaks or kebabs, organize a dinner, a friendly party, or go fishing together. It depends on your capabilities, imagination, and desires. Here are some tips to build good relationships with your neighbors:

  • don’t impose on them;
  • don’t encourage conflict;
  • congratulate them on holidays;
  • be friendly;
  • don’t litter in common areas;
  • don’t intrude into their private lives.

When is Neighbor Day celebrated in 2024?

Neighbor Day has been observed 8 days before the first Monday in June.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday May 26 2024
Sunday May 25 2025

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