National Women’s Health and Fitness Day - September
Wed, Sep 27, 2023

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is held every year on the last Wednesday of the first month of fall. In 2022, it falls on the 28th. The mission of the event is to tell women about the need to maintain physical health. A proper lifestyle involves not only proper nutrition, proper sleep, and daily walks, but also regular physical training.


The holiday was established in 2002 with one goal – to promote the benefits of physical training. For many centuries, many traditions that were considered the norm were actually harmful. For example, for several centuries, women wore corsets, which were an obligatory item, but the tightening led to frequent fainting. For a long time, it was believed women should be forbidden to lift any weights, as this develops male-like muscles. Today, many of these assumptions have been proven false, and the situation has changed for the better.

Interesting Facts

  • In the first half of the 20th century, women were encouraged to exercise, but only at home, as it was considered indecent to exercise and sweat in public.
  • The first women’s gyms were called beauty salons, because the visitors did not come there to keep themselves in shape, but only to lose weight.
  • The movement for a healthy lifestyle actively developed in the 19th century and since then, women’s physical health has been perceived as much more important.

How to take part

Take care of your health – make an appointment with a doctor, undergo an examination, and take tests. Attend women’s health events and join the millions who are already living healthy lives. Make a commitment to living a healthy lifestyle not just one day a year, but all the time.

When is National Women’s Health and Fitness Day celebrated in 2023?

National Women’s Health and Fitness Day is observed on the last Wednesday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 27 2023
Wednesday September 25 2024
Wednesday September 24 2025
Wednesday September 30 2026