National Wingman Day - February 13
Tue, Feb 13, 2024

National Wingman Day

Thousands of books have been written about male friendship and hundreds of films have been made. In everyone’s life, there should be a person on whom you can rely. He is there in difficult moments, often gives important advice and never tries to avoid a serious conversation. National Wingman Day is a reminder of the importance of communication. It is celebrated on February 13.


The term “wingman” is sometimes used to describe a close friend. Its original meaning was somewhat different from the modern one. The wingman was called the co-pilot, who monitors the safety of the partner and warns him in case of potential danger. The soldiers became almost brothers. In their profession, one of the most important criteria was considered to be complete trust. His absence could mean certain death.

The idea of the holiday is to demonstrate the importance of trust and communication. Worthy people become excellent comrades and faithful companions, always being close in difficult times. The wingman is often responsible for the rest of the team. It does not allow them to commit rash acts, drink too much or get involved in serious trouble.

Interesting facts

  • The first celebration took place in 2016.
  • Similar relationships occur in many men in the real world. Cinema did not bypass them. In almost all pairs of friends, you can see a crazy young man and his serious friend, who strongly advises him not to do stupid things.
  • It’s not just people who can be led. They sometimes become a faithful dog who has come a long way with his master.
  • Until the 1980s, no one but the military knew about the word “wingman.” It became popular after the release of the famous action movie. In it, the BBC pilots, using a special technique, tried to win the favor of the girls in the bar.

How to celebrate

The day should be spent with your best friend, able to lend a shoulder in a difficult moment. Enough thanking him for everything he’s done before. You can remember funny stories from the past or offer to switch roles for one day. Now the wingman allows himself to be stupid, and his comrade is responsible for his safety. It is worth coming up with a punishment in case of failure.

When is National Wingman Day celebrated in 2024?

National Wingman Day is observed on February 13 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday February 13 2024
Thursday February 13 2025
Friday February 13 2026
Saturday February 13 2027

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