National Vinegar Day - November 1
Tue, Nov 1, 2022

National Vinegar Day

National Vinegar Day is a holiday dedicated to scientific experiments, numerous homemade recipes, cooking and a sharp, sour smell. This product is probably stored under the sink of every housewife. With so many uses, it’s no surprise that vinegar has its own personal feast.


Vinegar is made from any alcoholic beverage by fermentation until it becomes sufficiently acidic. Accordingly, there are different types of vinegar. The history of this product began in 700 BC. – In ancient Greece, they prepared the drink oxycrat – a mixture of water, vinegar and honey. In 1830, a cholera epidemic raged in Vienna, then the government issued a decree, according to which, all items had to be disinfected with vinegar. In 2013, a page called “V for Vinegar” appeared in Brazil. Its authors referred to the novel “V for Vendetta” and suggested using vinegar to make bombs.

Why is vinegar so popular?

  • It is the most popular preservative. In 5000 AD The Babylonians learned how to ferment dates in a special way to make palm wine and vinegar.
  • It is a culinary panacea. Cooks believe that vinegar can save absolutely any dish that lacks spiciness, but it should be used in very moderate quantities.
  • It is an important component of chemical experiments. If you want to introduce your child to chemistry, vinegar is indispensable. It can be used to show the reaction between carbon dioxide and fire, between vinegar and an egg, and it is also needed to make a battery.

How to celebrate

Try using apple cider vinegar for medical purposes, such as helping to improve bowel function and treat symptoms of acid reflux. But be careful – in no case drink pure vinegar, dilute it with water. Use a straw to keep the drink from coming into contact with your tooth enamel. Get kids interested in science by showing them some experiments. Use vinegar to keep your home clean – it’s an excellent cleanser, it removes stains, cleans cups.

When National Vinegar Day celebrated in 2022?

National Vinegar Day is observed on November 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday November 1 2022
Wednesday November 1 2023
Friday November 1 2024
Saturday November 1 2025
Sunday November 1 2026