National Ugly Sweater Day - December 16
Fri, Dec 16, 2022

National Ugly Sweater Day

Happy National Ugly Sweater Day! Get your Christmas stuff out because it’s time for them! The comic holiday has long been loved by Americans, and it’s great, because today you can laugh heartily.


In the 50s, Christmas in the United States took on commercial overtones. Sweaters were sold at every turn, intended to decorate oneself for a celebration. By the way, they were quite nice, so they were a success. Things with awkward patterns became instantly famous after the release of the series “The Cosby Show”. His hero Cliff Huxtable simply adored outfits. Surprisingly, soon not only the fans, but the entire film crew adorned themselves with such sweatshirts.

In the 1990s, interest subsided a little, but again covered with a wave in 2001. The culprit of the event was Bridget Jones’s – a ridiculous character in a popular movie. Are there any readers here who haven’t watched it? Fans of the picture literally went crazy, and there was no turning back – ugly sweaters became a national treasure!

Christmas sweaters are so terrible that they are loved by many Americans (and not only!). This is a reason to smile and make others laugh, to behave deliberately stupid and not worry about opinions. And finally, it’s wonderful to celebrate National Day in the company of the same fashionistas!

Useful facts

Funny moments:

  • about 23% of Americans will definitely get an ugly sweater for Christmas and show off it. Wherever you are, meeting such people is inevitable;
  • Every year, about 10% of people decide to attend a sweater party for the first time. Perhaps your solution is the same?;
  • most Americans can’t throw away an item, even if they think the sweater is just disgusting.

How to celebrate

Have some fun at National Ugly Sweater Day – get yourself a new sweater. And let it be worse than the previous one! Organize a party or attend an event yourself. Create a unique thing yourself – arm yourself with paints, tinsel, glue and create.

When is National Ugly Sweater Day celebrated in 2022?

National Ugly Sweater Day is observed on the third Friday of December each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday December 16 2022
Friday December 15 2023
Friday December 20 2024
Friday December 19 2025
Friday December 18 2026