National Tattoo Story Day - September 16
Fri, Sep 16, 2022

National Tattoo Story Day

National Tattoo Story Day is an annual American celebration of stories related to tattoos. It has been celebrated on September 16 since 2015. For many people, tattoos are not just a way to stand out among the gray mass. They are stuffed in honor of some significant life events in order to leave a reminder of them.


Tattoo is an ancient art that appeared about 100-60 thousand years ago BC. Then people decorated their bodies with drawings for various reasons: they showed belonging to a tribe, they strengthened their morale through a physical drawing.

The word “tattoo” known today was spread by the outstanding navigator James Cook after visiting the Polynesian Islands. There he got to know the local tribes, who had the word “tatau” – the literal translation sounds like “drawing”.

The spread of tattooing in the United States occurred in the 1940s. Then Norman Keith Collins, a war veteran, combined all the knowledge gained in different countries and created the American tattoo style. These were small but colorful drawings that were often accompanied by quotes from films or books. To create mainly blue and red pigment was used.

A tattoo is a way for a person to express his attitude to the world, to leave forever with him memories of any events, etc. They can depict whole pictures or be small drawings or just an inscription. Behind every tattoo lies the story of its owner.

Interesting facts

  • Tattoos have been found on many Egyptian mummies.
  • There are opinions that the famous Roman emperor Caligula, for the sake of entertainment, ordered his entourage to make ridiculous tattoos.
  • The tattoo machine was invented in 1891 by Samuel O’Reilly. As a basis, he used an Edison copy machine.

How to celebrate

If you have long wanted to make a drawing on the body, then National Tattoo Story Day is a great opportunity to fulfill your dream. On this holiday, you can sit on the forums of tattoo lovers and chat with different people, find out the answers to all your questions and listen to their stories about tattoos.

Create a social media post by attaching a photo of your tattoo and share with people. Find out more about existing tattoo styles online. Maybe you will find a suitable option for yourself!

When is National Tattoo Story Day celebrated in 2022?

National Tattoo Story Day is observed on September 16 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday September 16 2022
Saturday September 16 2023
Monday September 16 2024
Tuesday September 16 2025
Wednesday September 16 2026

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