National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day - October
Wed, Oct 18, 2023

National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day

National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day is celebrated every year on the third Wednesday of October. The main goal of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to strengthen local businesses, both small and large, by providing resources and services to help them thrive. To support this organization, it is enough just to use the services of the local chamber of commerce.


In Europe, the phrase “chamber of commerce” began to be used since 1599 in the French city of Marseille to describe the merger of several enterprises. Soon, a similar term began to be used in Germany, and then in other European cities. The oldest chamber of commerce in America is the New York State Chamber. It was established in 1768 by King George III before the Declaration of Independence was adopted.

The first local chamber of commerce began its existence in the state of South Carolina, in the city of Charleston in 1773. Subsequently, the structure of this organization was adopted in several other states, and then throughout America. In 1870, there were 40 local chambers of commerce throughout the country. The United States Chamber of Commerce was created in 1912 at the suggestion of President William Howard Taft and Secretary of Commerce and Labor Charles Nagel. As Taft believed, the country needed a representative group that would speak to the government on behalf of business.

Interesting facts

  • Today there are over 5,000 chambers of commerce in the US working to promote and initiate local businesses.
  • In 1919, the International Chamber of Commerce was created, which includes several thousand companies from 130 countries of the world.
  • The US Chamber of Commerce now has over 3 million registered businesses.

How to take part

You can celebrate National Day by supporting local large and small businesses. To do this, you can shop at local stores, or volunteer with local chambers of commerce to learn more about how they work from the inside. To increase the popularity of the holiday, you can also talk about it on social media and share how local chambers of commerce influence the development of private enterprises.

When is National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day celebrated in 2023?

National Support Your Local Chamber of Commerce Day is observed on the third Wednesday of October each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday October 18 2023
Wednesday October 16 2024
Wednesday October 15 2025
Wednesday October 21 2026

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