National STEM/STEAM Day - November 8
Tue, Nov 8, 2022

National STEM/STEAM Day

National STEM/STEAM Day is celebrated every year on November 8, and it is dedicated to a special education system that combines four areas – science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics. It is these areas that help children develop harmoniously, and teachers are encouraged to look for new methods and ways of teaching. November 8 is the time to support students and teachers who study and teach STEM/STEAM subjects.


Studies conducted in the 2000s showed that children in America demonstrate insufficient results in disciplines that, after some time, were combined into the STEM / STEAM system. This threatened catastrophe, because the labor force was gradually disappearing in the country. At the state level, it was noted that the following – the country’s economy is based on deep knowledge and innovation, and innovation is an educated, motivated workforce.

Further research led to the emergence of the STEM / STEAM program. More precisely, it already existed in America, but did not demonstrate effectiveness for one reason – teachers did not have sufficient knowledge, skills and experience to guide students in this area. The governors of many states took part in the work on the modernization of the education process.

Interesting Facts

  • In the 21st century, STEM/STEAM jobs have outnumbered non-STEM jobs by three times.
  • Automation is what will shape the conditions on the labor market. Many professions will disappear because they will no longer be needed. That’s why it’s so important to promote and master STEM/STEAM subjects.
  • Education under such a program is fun, not boring, exciting. Students do not forget the lessons and the studied material, respectively, the effectiveness of the lessons is significantly increased.
  • A bet on science, technology, art, engineering, mathematics strengthens the country and makes its future prospects brighter.

How to celebrate

Do your research and find out what your hobbies are related to STEM/STEAM. It can be computer games, manual labor, photography, astronomy. Grow in this direction, find a community where your interests are shared or attend free online courses, many educational institutions conduct such, even Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If you have items at home that can help with your STEM/STEAM education, please donate them to your nearest school.

When is National STEM/STEAM Day celebrated in 2022?

National STEM/STEAM Day is observed on November 8 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday November 8 2022
Wednesday November 8 2023
Friday November 8 2024
Saturday November 8 2025
Sunday November 8 2026

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