National Sex Day - June 9
Sun, Jun 9, 2024

National Sex Day

Time for sensuality and tenderness towards your sexual partner on June 9, National Sex Day. Feel free to talk about sex. This helps you get closer, understand your partner, and have an unforgettable experience.

The History

Intimacy is based on a primal, powerful instinct that underlies the desire to continue life. This sensual holiday occurs on June 9 because the date (6/9) has sexual undertones.

Interesting Facts

The word coitus, originally applied to the course of the planets through the solar system, literally translates as moving together.

  1. India has a special attitude towards sex. In this exotic country, intimacy is seen as an artistic, refined process built on the exchange of energies.
  2. 64 variants of love positions are described in the famous Kama Sutra. The book became revolutionary, being originally intended for a royal family.

Sex is beneficial; it strengthens physical health and emotional connection. It has a positive effect on mood and regulates hormone production.

How to Take Part

Invite your partner to experiment in your intimate life. Choose among several role-playing games and costumes. Unobtrusively, tactfully discover their secret desires, and make them a reality.

Watch adult movies together, notice interesting details, and get ideas for a steamy night.

Read special literature on how the peak of pleasure is achieved, how to bring on or delay the sweet moment. Do not hesitate to be free and uninhibited with your beloved.

When is National Sex Day celebrated in 2024?

National Sex Day is observed on June 9 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday June 9 2024
Monday June 9 2025
Tuesday June 9 2026
Wednesday June 9 2027
Friday June 9 2028
Saturday June 9 2029