National School Backpack Awareness Day - September
Wed, Sep 21, 2022

National School Backpack Awareness Day

National School Backpack Awareness Day is celebrated every year on September 21 and is dedicated to the awareness of parents and children about the right choice and wearing of the main school accessory – a backpack. Doctors note that one of the main causes of poor posture and problems with the spine is improper use of a backpack. On this day, teachers, parents and children tell each other about how to choose and wear a school bag correctly, manufacturers also take part in the events.


In 1938, the first tourist backpack appeared, it was used in hiking, traveling in nature and fishing. The product turned out to be quite massive, and after 30 years a new model appeared – nylon, lightweight. The scope of backpacks has expanded, they began to be used by students and schoolchildren. In 1968, the largest backpack company, JanSport, also appeared. In 2001, National School Backpack Awareness Day was first celebrated by the American Occupational Therapy Association.

Useful Tips

  • In no case do not wear a bag on one shoulder, this leads to a curvature of the spine. Only two straps and no pain.
  • Adjust the height so that the bag is a few centimeters above the hip line. This will take the load off your back.
  • Choose a model with a waist and chest belt, do not forget to use them.

How to celebrate

Visit a themed event and listen to experts who will tell you how to carry a school bag correctly, what is the maximum weight an accessory can carry. Tell about the received information in social networks, distribute useful data. Make a memo on how to choose and wear a backpack.

When is National School Backpack Awareness Day celebrated in 2022?

National School Backpack Awareness Day is observed on the third Wednesday of September each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Wednesday September 21 2022
Wednesday September 20 2023
Wednesday September 18 2024
Wednesday September 17 2025
Wednesday September 16 2026

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