National Sardines Day - November 24
Fri, Nov 24, 2023

National Sardines Day

National Sardines Day is celebrated on November 24 in the US, a day dedicated to those who cannot imagine life without fish! This is a great opportunity to learn more about these small swimmers and their various uses.


The term “sardine” originated in the 15th century in English, borrowed from French. The fish is usually small, with a maximum length of 25 centimeters, and has a silver color. Its name is derived from the Mediterranean Sea near the island of Sardinia, where it was first caught on a large scale. The sardine has been an important trade item for many years, due to its numerous properties.

When cooked in a healthy way, sardines bring tremendous benefits to the body. It is nutritious, reduces the feeling of hunger, has a beneficial effect on metabolism, contains healthy fats and trace elements, and is often included in diet menus. It is important to remember to not overindulge, however, as its health benefits will not save us from overeating.

Interesting facts

  • Some French cities have the image of a sardine on their national flag.
  • Sardines live for about 15 years, becoming adults 3 years after birth.
  • Sardines travel in large schools – their length can reach 15 km!
  • Fish from an opened can must be transferred to other containers, as the inside of the can is covered with varnish, which is easily damaged when opened. Oxygen also gets inside, and tin particles spread to the product.

How to take part

Cooking a sardine on National Day is the best way to celebrate it! Check out interesting recipes and surprise your family with your cooking skills. Learn more about the history of the fish and share the information with your friends.

When is National Sardines Day celebrated in 2023?

National Sardines Day is observed on November 24 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday November 24 2023
Sunday November 24 2024
Monday November 24 2025
Tuesday November 24 2026

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