National Relaxation Day - August 15
Thu, Aug 15, 2024

National Relaxation Day

We live life at a frantic pace, we are constantly in a hurry and do not notice everything around us. But in order to be in good shape and enjoy every day you live, you need rest. At National Relaxation Day you can relax 100%! The date is dedicated to everyone who needs to recuperate.

The History

A simple ten-year-old boy named Sean Moeller came up with the idea for this holiday in 1985. Sean said in an interview with an American newspaper that adults should have a day in which they can do nothing – even clean the house and make plans for tomorrow.

Adults thought – but really, why not have such a day? Everyone supported the idea. It is great that today it is celebrated with such pleasure!

Interesting facts

  • There is a similar holiday – National Slacker Day. People think these are the same, although the second was invented in the UK;
  • The national anthem of the holiday is the song “Relax, Take It Easy” by MIKA. By the way, your favorite music can reduce stress levels;
  • If you take a few minutes to rest between complex tasks, you can achieve higher efficiency at work;
  • Timely rest is good for health;
  • 45% of people do not know how to relax.

How to take part

You already know that on National Relaxation Day, you cannot work and do things that cause stress. Think about what you like to do in your free time: fishing, reading, drawing, sewing, beach holidays, walking in beautiful places, solitude with nature, singing, or watching movies… The main thing is to allow yourself to relax, so that tomorrow you will wake up with renewed vigor!

When is National Relaxation Day celebrated in 2024?

National Relaxation Day is observed on August 15 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Thursday August 15 2024
Friday August 15 2025
Saturday August 15 2026

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