National Picnic Day - April 23
Tue, Apr 23, 2024

National Picnic Day

Spring is blooming, time to go in the fresh air. National Picnic Day is celebrated on April 23. Prepare simple light snacks, get picnic baskets out of the closet, find the blankets, and go on the sunny lawns in the company of family or friends.

The History

In 1789, ordinary citizens were allowed to walk in parks and have picnics. Before the French Revolution, only the aristocrats and the royal family were allowed. The tradition of picnics was appreciated in the UK. In 1989, picnics turned into a form of protest. European citizens decided to express dissatisfaction by organizing a meal on the border of Austria and Hungary. The French celebrated Bastille Day with a large-scale picnic in 2000. People were eating sandwiches and snacks on the coast along a 600-mile line.

How to take part

Food to put in your basket: sandwiches, pies, fried chicken, baked beans, chips, potato salad, cheese, fruits, vegetables, and boiled eggs.

  1. Get ready for your picnic in advance: choose a beautiful tablecloth, buy disposable tableware.
  2. Prepare the main dish.
  3. Visit a campsite, meet interesting people, and find new friends.
  4. Think about games: Frisbee, golf, or badminton.

A great end to a fun day is an open-air concert or party. Events are organized in honor of this holiday. Find out which events are held in the nearest parks.

When National Picnic Day celebrated in 2024?

National Picnic Day is observed on April 23 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday April 23 2024
Wednesday April 23 2025