National Olive Day - June 1
Sat, Jun 1, 2024

National Olive Day

People are divided into 2 categories: those who adore olives and are ready to eat huge portions, and those who hate seeing olives on their plate, even in the form of an edible decoration. For the former, there is National Olive Day on June 1. Olives are useful, a symbol of the sun, the sea, and warmth. Remember how good they are in a glass of martini!

The History

Olives originated in the Mediterranean. The plants already existed on territory of modern Italy 40 million years ago. In Crete, olives were grown for sale in3000 BC. Olive branches are mentioned in the Bible; a dove carried it in its beak, showing Noah the flood waters were receding. The olive branch became a symbol of salvation, and the unity of man with the supreme power of divine origin. In the Middle Ages, the tree’s seeds were distributed by European people. This holiday was established to attract the consumer’s attention to a useful product with healing effects.

Interesting Facts

Olives are an essential part of Mediterranean cuisine.

  1. Olives feature prominently in martinis, the perennial favorite of spy hero James Bond.
  2. Olives are saturated with useful fatty acids, iron, antioxidants, copper, and vitamin E, all of them useful for the body and skin.
  3. Olives grow on trees; the olives themselves are pressed to create oil, a perfect dressing for vegetable salads.

The oil is used in natural cosmetics as a nutrient that helps maintain beauty, keeping the skin hydrated.

How to take part

This is a great reason to take a trip to Greece, where the oldest fruit-bearing trees have grown 2000 years old. Visit the Olive Tree Museum in Crete, in the village of Ano Vouves.

If you stay at home, consider preparing any of these olive-based dishes: pizza, nachos, and salad. Try stuffing olives with various fillings. Go to an olive bar for ideas.

Visit an Italian restaurant. The chefs are fully aware of flavors compatibility with olives.

The olive branch is considered a symbol of peace. It is a call for peaceful co-existence.

When is National Olive Day celebrated in 2024?

National Olive Day is observed on June 1 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Saturday June 1 2024
Sunday June 1 2025