National Old Rock Day - January 7
Sun, Jan 7, 2024

National Old Rock Day

Old Rock Day is perceived by some as a musical holiday, but it is not. It is dedicated to geologists who study the environment, namely fossilized rocks. They carry a lot of interesting things!


People in ancient times were curious. They were probably more inquisitive even than us! However, the geology was more geared towards the Earth as a whole, about its age… Of course, there was mining, but it didn’t grow to a massive level.

In terms of reflections on geology, Ancient Greece can be noted. Even the great Aristotle carefully observed the landscapes and came to the conclusion that they are undergoing changes. He formed the idea that this is happening so slowly that you can’t see it in one lifetime. He was only half right, because there are landslides, avalanches, earthquakes – all this can change the landscape in a matter of hours.

The philosopher Xenophanes, who lived 100 years before Aristotle, was fond of paleontology. He discovered the fossils of fish falling on the tops of mountains. Another of the founders of the sphere is Eratosthenes, he spoke amazingly accurately about the earth’s circumference. Theophrastus considered rocks to be his profile, studied the hardness of rocks and methods of use. Pliny continued his work.

Interesting facts

It is noteworthy that the breeds:

  • are most often found in the form of granite;
  • determine the height of the mountain;
  • can be porous, dense and loose;
  • do not exist without impurities – they almost always contain various chemical elements;
  • over the years, they can turn into other types of breeds. This happens under certain conditions of temperature, pressure…

How to celebrate

Learn about popular tales at Old Rock Day! Although this is a scientific date, it is interesting to get acquainted with the mythology about these places. Be creative and make your own fossils – check out the best experiments you can do at home. Tell others about the holiday!

When is National Old Rock Day celebrated in 2024?

National Old Rock Day is observed on January 7 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Sunday January 7 2024
Tuesday January 7 2025
Wednesday January 7 2026
Thursday January 7 2027