National New Mexico Day - June 14
Fri, Jun 14, 2024

National New Mexico Day

National New Mexico Day is an American holiday dedicated to the state of New Mexico. It has a long and interesting history. There have been bloody wars in these territories, which took many lives. But it was all worth it, so that today New Mexico was an American state and is successfully developing. The holiday is celebrated annually on June 14.


National New Mexico Day is supported by the state government. This day features various festivals and educational events, where you can learn more interesting information about the history of the state.

The first appearance of Europeans in what is now New Mexico dates back to the 1500s. Ancient legends tell of a great deal of treasure hidden here, so over time the interest of the colonists increased, and the land itself continued to be developed.

In 1609 Pedro de Peralta became governor and in fact New Mexico came under Spanish control. It later gained independence, but in 1821 became part of the Mexican possessions.

In 1846, a bloody story began when war broke out between the United States and Mexico. After the victory of the American army, the territory came under U.S. control, but the civil war continued there. Peace did not come until 1886, and New Mexico was declared an official state in 1912.

Interesting facts

  • New Mexico contains many valuable sources of information about Native American culture.
  • New Mexico is home to the largest number of Catholic believers.
  • The Rio Grande River flows on these lands, which is the natural border with the state of Texas.

How to celebrate

Celebrate the holidays with people you know who live in New Mexico. Visit the state to learn more about its culture and history. Visit exhibitions, museums, and more.

Tell about the holiday on social media. Ask users what interesting information they know about the state?

When is National New Mexico Day celebrated in 2024?

National New Mexico Day is observed on June 14 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Friday June 14 2024
Saturday June 14 2025

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