National Making Life Beautiful Day - June 11
Tue, Jun 11, 2024

National Making Life Beautiful Day

June 11 marks a special event filled with visual aesthetics, National Making Life Beautiful Day. Congratulations are due to people doing well, creating beauty. These are specialists working for the benefit of society, caring citizens responding to calls for help, friends, and family members surrounding loved ones with care.

The History

We have been observing this lyrical holiday since 2015. Motivation for its creation was the activity of California cosmetics company Apriori Beauty, which produces skin care products from organic components. The company was founded in 2009. The key message of this day is a desire to convey through external beauty, inner spiritual charm. Appearance is changeable; the beauty of the heart is invisible, but eternal. The company’s work is built in 3 stages: creating products for external attractiveness, competently building interpersonal relationships based on respect and empathy, and assessing the impact of success on appearance.

Interesting Facts

Art is considered a large-scale source of visual beauty, and talented individuals become guides.

  1. Beauty is often hidden from our eyes: a well-done job, a kind look, an approving gesture — all signs of beauty.
  2. Beauty is expressed through actions and words. Great classical poets of the Romantic era conveyed delight in visible pictures with words. The reader felt and understood the meaning.
  3. Psychologists believe that setting goals, and striving to achieve them, has a positive effect on a person’s ability to be active and attentive, which means creating beauty, and noticing it around oneself.

Artists perceive the world from the point of view of beauty. The mysterious Banksy created the painting Life is Beautiful on a Los Angeles Boulevard, a vivid manifesto and eloquent reflection of the need to feel the pleasure of existence.

How to take part

Enjoy a masterpiece of cinema on this unique day. Watch a movie by a favorite director that praises beauty, or someone famous for their ability to work with visual effects. Frames of outstanding films inspire and fascinate. Caution: catharsis manifests in tears.

Listen to your heart, silently. Feel what kind of gift relatives want to receive. Pick up the phone, make an unexpected call, say: “I miss you”, “I remember how we…”, “You make my life beautiful”. Give up resentment and negative emotions. Forgive your enemies, postpone your plans for revenge, stop quarrels and conflicts, find a compromise, learn to listen, and accept another’s point of view. Beneficial effects will manifest. Join the beautiful. Visit an exhibition of paintings or sculptures. Spend time in nature (mountains, lake, river), feel natural harmony of perfect balance.

Special attention goes to women, the messengers of beauty in this prosaic, routine world. Girls give us the strength to overcome difficulties and achieve triumph. A wise, loving life partner often stands behind a successful man.

When is National Making Life Beautiful Day celebrated in 2024?

National Making Life Beautiful Day is observed on June 11 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 11 2024
Wednesday June 11 2025

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