National Leon Day - June 25
Tue, Jun 25, 2024

National Leon Day

National Leon Day, celebrated on June 25, is a celebration of Christmas fans who miss it! It is exactly halfway between the past and future Christmas. On this National Day, you can safely begin planning for the celebration of the next Christmas and prepare for it.


There is already a tradition for National Leon Day. Everyone who likes to decorate the house with their own hands thinks of new decor. Those who prefer to give handmade gifts to relatives and friends collect materials and tools, and draw sketches of their future creations. Many stores start one-day sales of Christmas paraphernalia.

Family and friends rehearse for their Christmas party, or people just gather for dinner and listen to Christmas carols. Charitable societies and foundations organize donation campaigns as a reminder that it is important to donate to charity regularly, and not just when you are in a blissful Christmas mood.

Interesting facts

Why does the holiday have such a strange name? It is simple: read the word Leon backwards. It turns into Noel – one of the famous names of Christmas.

How to take part

How to celebrate National Leon Day with meaning:

  1. You too can start planning your own Christmas. Often, just before the holidays, there is a fuss and rushing about, and chaotic purchases of gifts begin. Why not plan ahead for the Christmas table menu and make a list of the necessary items? Decide on gifts and make a list.
  2. Dreaming of a Christmas trip? Explore countries where the holiday is stormy and impressive. Make an itinerary and think about accommodation options.
  3. Everyone is used to wearing terrifying sweaters at Christmas. They create a certain mood. But in the summer heat, putting on a sweater is not the smartest idea. Pick up other accessories for an emotional uplift – a strange t-shirt or socks with deer on them!

When is National Leon Day celebrated in 2024?

National Leon Day is observed on June 25 each year.


Weekday Month Day Year
Tuesday June 25 2024
Wednesday June 25 2025